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Federal HIPAA certification guidelines? Do they exist

Hi all, I am settling a side bet here. Are there specific fed standards for being "HIPAA certified" either as an individual or facility? Someone was making the case that what vendors are doing are "best accepted practices" until there are absolute standards, because the...

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A proper backfile conversion is key to EHR implementation success

I recently spent some time participating in a LinkedIn discussion about the most common reasons behind the failure of electronic health records implementations. As I thought through my posts, something dawned on me: The key to successfully transitioning to EHR (or EMR; whatever your preferred...

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Getting the most out of your document capture solution (Multistream, color dropout for forms processing)

Leveraging an investment in scanning hardware and software should always be a priority. Afterall, these are typically not cheap investments although the ROI can be outstanding if implemented properly. In this blog I would like to share some little known, yet extremely useful, features...

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Compliance and the Smaller Business

Remember when the government got compliance-happy a bunch of years ago (Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA), and smaller firms screamed because they knew they couldn’t shoulder the cost of compliance as readily as the big ones could? They really resented it, too, because it was the malfeasance of the...

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