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Activity streams ARE the killer feature (but not app)

Things I love: Activity feeds Soccer Cat photos Things I hate: Being CCed on emails Getting emails Sending emails Clowns What is an activity feed ? It depends on the applications and tools...

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Partly Cloudy

A great solution to consider for content management in the cloud is Google Apps . If you are not familiar with this service, Google Apps includes document creation and collaboration (as well as email, calendaring, video chat and more) for a flat $50 a year charge per user. You’d be amazed to see the huge number of businesses, governments and educational institutions that have moved to Google Apps

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Industry Predictions for 2012

Last year marked the tipping point where more data was transferred across the internet to an “app” than to a web browser. iPads and Android phones are just examples of apps that are customized to present and work with content

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