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Ensure Organizational Efficiency in Financial Services through Workflow

Financial services companies are often rife with ad hoc workflows established to solve a particular task that is ultimately performed inconsistently...Workflow is one of the primary components of the larger discipline of business process management (BPM)

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14 Best ECM Practices in Financial Services

We recently benchmarked 6 major financial services firms (all Doculabs clients) and compared their maturity for managing documents...The Best Practices Below I outline 14 best practices in financial services for the major stages of the content lifecycle

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No More Wait at the Bank

Banks, credit unions and other financial services institutions lag well behind other industries in taking steps to improve efficiency, decrease wait times and generally speed up processing times

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Distributed Capture: 260,000,000 Smart Phones Are Ready to Be Enabled

And if you have 2,000 service representatives, or 500 nurses, or 15,000 independent sales agents in the field, the incremental costs will be nominal

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