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Digitizing Accounts Payable – Advice for the First-Timer

At a recent IAPP chapter meeting , I listened to a colleague describe the challenges of accounts payable. As manager of the finance department, she finds that all the great advances in communication are only making things harder. They still get 50% of their vendor invoices on paper but also...

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Is anyone missing on the E20 boat ?

There's a consensus on the fact any enterprise 2.0 project has to involve people from many fields in the company : HR, innovation, legal, IT, communication, even line managers and C-level people. Is anyone missing on this already well crowded boat ? I got part of the answer by a line...

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The secret word this week is: Email

Once again this week we are hearing about email as a source of reference in a hearing and the problematic issue for organizations. I am of course referring to the current inquest into Goldman Sachs and the references made to internal emails between Goldman Sachs employees about how bad the...

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