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What role should SharePoint play in a comprehensive ECM strategy?

The role of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is well established. Smart companies realize they need to manage their critical assets – both paper based and those that are born digital – to control costs, improve profitability and to maintain compliance efforts. The role...

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ECM Vendors go to War

Perhaps it was inevitable, but Oracle has finally declared war on EMC’s Documentum and is introducing a new program to replace Documentum installations for free. On Oct 26 they are hosting a webinar to discuss some of the specifics. (

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Is ECM Dead?

I got invited to participate in the expert blog on ECM (enterprise content management) and, in my usually subtle way, I thought I’d take the bull by the horns by asking the tough question: “Is ECM still relevant?” There have been some calls lately suggesting that the answer is...

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