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Can O365 Support your Organization's ECM

Can O365 Support your Organization's ECM One Company, one focus, and possibly one future for what commercial and business customers have known as Microsoft Office. Over the last few years Microsoft has rapidly moved its Office products to the cloud, and onto the Office 365 platform....

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Driving the Spirit of Entrepreneurship across Your Organization

I’ve been hearing a lot about Richard Branson lately. You know, the Virgin Records, Virgin Airways and Virgin Galactic guy. My husband’s an aerospace engineer, so maybe it’s not that surprising that Branson’s on my radar, given that he’s looking to make space...

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Profile Pictures in SharePoint 2010

Profile pictures are handled differently in SharePoint 2007. In SharePoint 2007 the photo was simply a URL or file location in one of the fields of the User Profile store. So every time it was accessed, SharePoint would have to pull it from the location and resize it. The photo would normally be...

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