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Excel is Laughing at Me

Well over a year ago, we discovered an error in thinking that caused us to give ourselves a big pat on the back where none was deserved. We had modified the standard New and Edit forms for a custom list, and we even personalized those forms for the users. When we showed the (two) users of this...

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Office Web Apps

To me, Office Web Apps is one of the coolest things to happen to SharePoint in a long time. Users can now view and edit their Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint documents without ever leaving the browser. Of course this doesn’t get you off the hook for licensing. The end user stills need...

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Connecting E-Mail into Microsoft SharePoint

Connecting E-Mail into Microsoft SharePoint By Jacob Ukelson, chief technology officer of ActionBase Recently, we’ve focused on the concept of how organizations value the option to have follow-up, tracking and process management capabilities available with e-mail....

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