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Silver Bullet - Real Social Networking Enterprise Value

This is made possible through a powerful synergy between social analytics and business intelligence - identifying experts based on their activity history related to content contribution activities

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How Social Networking is Changing the Business of Healthcare

The Harvard Business Review recently featured a post from Bill George, a Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School, where he states, “Social networking is the most significant business development of 2010, topping the resurgence of the U.S. automobile industry.” As Bill points out, social networking took a transcendent leap forward in 2010 as it morphed from a "personal communications tool for young people into a new vehicle that business leaders are using to transform communications with their employees and customers". Social networking is also flattening organizations by distributing access to key information

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Must we stop using the social networking analogy to explain enterprise 2.0 ?

Innovation, social networking, market predictions, wikis, blogs, rich profiling...all derserve the enterprise 2.0 label while sometimes looking very different

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New social business roadmap available

I am pleased to announce that today AIIM released the social business roadmap...But some organizations are moving beyond this to incorporate social technologies into key business processes

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Social Media: the Next eDiscovery Elephant in the Corner

HR departments were quick to find social networking sites useful in recruiting and screening for potential candidates...With social media, the blurry line between professional and personal networking also imposes threats for employees

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Fragmentation, Social Business, and Where We're Going From Here

Alan Pelz-Sharpe is the Research Director for Social Business at global analyst firm 451 Research...Follow Alan on Twitter for sword fighting and social business insights: @socialbizalan...Q: Give us your thumbnail definition of social business

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