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Does Preservation = Suspending Disposition?

Preservation: It’s a simple term we often see used throughout the industry. But the activities associated with preservation can and must take place based in different contexts

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Tweeting for Records Management

I was listening to a day-long presentation on Records Management and developments in the industry by Dr

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Enterprise 2.0 and Information Governance, who should take care within the organization?

Actually, most CIOs do not care about the value of information, but much more of its cost (production, storage, preservation, reproduction,duplication, circulation, operation, security, etc.). 2) records managers So, may be Information Governance is a matter to leave in the hands of records managers and archiving experts

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What is a Record? The Old Rules No longer Apply

For many years Records Management has been built around records retention schedules, File Plans, Records Declaration, and so on. Defining what is a record, what type of record it is, how long to keep it, cutoff rules, and how to declare a record has kept us up at night and consumed our days. In this model many documents or messages are considered "non-records

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Data under management essentially includes it all - ranging from long-term critical digital assets to ephemeral/transitory data that should be disposed after only a brief period (or not retained at all – such as text messages for many organizations)

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On Why I No Longer Support the DoD 5015.2 Standard

Provenance had one product, a records management application called ForeMost...Cutoff Processing As a Certified Records Manager, I have a fairly well documented understanding of how organizations manage records through their lifecycle

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The Latest - Good - News About Digital Signatures

The following is a guest blog post by John Marchioni, General Manager & VP of Business Development, ARX and co-speaker at two upcoming AIIM Webinars. 7 Steps to Business Process Management on November 7; 2 EST John will co-speak with MWD Advisors' principal analyst...

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