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Launching Your B2B Customer Portal: On Convenience, Buying Center Engagement, ERP Integration and more

Forrester forecasts B2B e-commerce sales to skyrocket by 2020 as a result of the digital turn. As B2B customers tend to buy more and more online, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors can benefit from this emerging opportunity to cut their operating costs by providing self-service...

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Adding ECM to Accounts Payable Processes: An Introduction

This post provides a crisp overview of ECM for AP processes and offers some advice about your AP roadmap. I often use Accounts Payable (AP) processes as a measuring stick to see how ECM will fit an organization. It’s true that AP processes can be quite complex, embedded in a full...

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An ECM-ERP Reference Model (Which Explains Why Hyland Bought AnyDoc)

Here’s the reference model we use to explain how ECM works with ERP systems to improve Accounts Payable (AP) and other processes. The reference model here is specifically for AP but it can apply to many similar processes. It breaks the process down into 9 different activities,...

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Set my content free!

Just completed an AIIM White Paper called “Content Access – maximizing availability across the enterprise” (download here ). It was actually triggered by a remark from Perceptive Software that most greenfield sites for ECM already have their content electronically saved and...

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Many benefits to going global

The Harvard Business Review recently caught my eye. Titled “ Global Business Speaks English ,” Tsedal Neeley’s piece laid out the reasons why “adopting a common mode of speech isn’t just a good idea; it’s a must, even for an American company with operations...

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Stop thinking in silos

In today’s discussion on the future of the ECM industry, terms like ‘Systems of Records’ versa ‘Systems of Engagement’ are often discussed. The first one describing the old world/focus ECM delivered on and the later being the future promise which ECM will...

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Open Source ERP: When Open Source Collaboration Breaks Down

Open source software development at its finest is a communal effort. It has proven itself a viable model in several areas of software development. However, there is one area where the community effort has broken down. That is in manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Open...

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Trend towards Network Scanning

After a few false starts, and probably an industry getting ahead of itself, document scanner hardware vendors and document capture software vendors finally seem to grasp the opportunity of network scanning. However, and certainly more importantly than the vendors themselves better...

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A short history of personal computing

A short history of personal computing. [A note: Before I get a lot of email, personal pronouns in this presentation vary by paragraph. I know it. It's on purpose.] Once upon a time there was a worker in an organization. The worker longed to contribute what...

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