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Governance Is Dead; Long Live Information Governance

We hate information governance. We love information governance. Wait, it’s data governance. Everyone needs to do it. No one is “really” doing it. It’s just records management in disguise. It sounds an awful lot like enterprise content management. It doesn’t matter...

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Is the NSA Leak Really Impacting Cloud Adoption?

Participating in the US and EMEA meetings of the Executive Leadership Council this past June, one topic of discussion from both groups (but more prominent with the EMEA group) was the concern over security of data within the cloud. The dialog became heated a few times as people shared...

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The Benefit of the Broad View

A few weeks ago, I attended AIIM’s Executive Leadership Council (ELC) meeting. The ELC is one of the best things to come out of AIIM lately. They somehow manage to bring together a diverse group of fascinating speakers from a variety of industry, government and academia, who are willing to...

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