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Integrations: easy as right-click, “new folder”

Integration between ECM components such as imaging to ECM, or integration between one ECM to another can often be the biggest cost and challenge of any implementation. In this post, I would like to talk about why the integration between imaging applications and ECM systems should be the lessor consideration when choosing capture software, and why it can be as easy as creating a new folder. Because data capture and other document imaging technologies require significant focus, adding other complexities such as integration can force a project to never start, or force an organization to choose a technology for the wrong reasons

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7 Reasons to Love SharePoint 2013 as a Site Administrator

That’s right – even users on Windows 7 can take advantage of the tight integration of SharePoint with the rest of the Office suite

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Oracle and ECM

Five years ago, when Oracle acquired Stellent with the aim that it will fit in the middleware tier, the first thing that came to my mind was that this is a good cross subsidy chip for Oracle to give out its Content Management free to everyone and entice them in buying more of Oracle Databases and Application Servers

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The 6 Most Common ECM Usage Patterns and Packages

Specialized ECM adds additional special capabilities to Standard or Collaborative ECM , and addresses additional complex requirements such as DAM, integration with technical drawing management, and advanced information rights management (IRM)

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SharePoint as a Content Management System

SharePoint has capabilities as a Content Management System...First, content is a term used to describe a number of things in your enterprise, ranging from documents, to media files, to data, such as contact lists and calendars

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How Does Enterprise Content Management Work as a Shared Service?

’” Benefits of Implementing ECM as a Shared Service These findings certainly reflect what we’re seeing among our customers

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SharePoint Wins with the ECM Ecosystem

Let's be honest -- there are third-party solutions that offer the same level of granularity and comprehensive features as the leading ECM solutions. As Mr

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