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LTFS 3: Linear Tape File System and the Future of Tape Data Storage

With LTFS, which boasts the convenience of USB and external storage options and generally larger capacities, tape has regained its rightful place among other data storage technologies

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Building an effective capture solution – Part 3 of 3 (Storage/Business Policy/Workflow)

These days there are many great storage options for images and metadata captured but not all are created equal. Below are a few considerations for storage as it directly relates to document capture. Storage considerations for document capture applications: Does your storage, and image viewer, support well known document formats such as TIFF, PDF, PJEG, DOC, XLS and others as well as emerging formats such as PDF/A or XML?

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Silver Lining Security: Keeping Your Cloud Data Safe

Cloud storage is no doubt a breath of fresh air in the constant struggle of document and data storage. It relieves organizations of the risks involved with storage and security of paper or microfilm documents, yet it is often forgotten that there are security steps which need to be taken after documents and data have been shifted to the Cloud. Make Cloud storage a great and efficient experience for your organization, by doing these quick things

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LTFS 2: The Linear Tape File System - The Evolution and Revolution of Tape

Since the metadata and information about the files is stored on the tape and is self-contained, it is possible to use a tape cartridge in a manner similar to a removable drive or USB stick, but with higher storage potential

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Content Obesity - Diagnosis & Treatment

It’s all digital so… “storage is cheap, we’ll just buy some more storage”: A staggering 78% of respondents to another recent study , stated that their strategy for dealing with data growth was to “buy more storage”! Newsflash: Storage is not cheap!

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How to Avoid Vendor-lockup in Email Archiving and Enterprise Information Archiving

Single instance storage may look tempting to save disk space in the short term, but in the long term it may cause serious other problems. While single instance storage can save a great deal of money on high availability, high cost storage, the savings are not as great on lower availability, low cost storage. Most non-technical people are not familiar with the fact that single instance storage requires an internal (proprietary) database or lookup table to support the e-mail-archiving system

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The Ocean of Big Data

As with Big Data, many of the proponents of (Big) Data Warehousing thought that the limitation of CPU processing power, data storage, and data analytics were the fundamentally limiting challenges that needed to be surmounted. They thought we needed more advanced computer technologies, greater rates of content capture, increased storage capacities, and more integration of divergent software platforms and data formats

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