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Data Governance in a World of Big Data and Analytics

Providing the right tools and technology infrastructure – the emergence of tools such as Hadoop, Tableau, MicroStrategy, etc. that allow storage, retrieval, analysis and visualization of data. Teaching employees how to use data analysis tools so they can perform their own analysis of data sets and how to interpret data including patterns, trends, statistical analysis, etc

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A Little Glitz

Thoughtful analysis, useful metadata and a bit of code lets me break reports into categories by type and degree of difficulty...#metadata #DVWP #dashboard #dataviewwebpart #SharePoint #analysis

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The Ocean of Big Data โ€“ II

After writing the last blog on The Ocean of Big Data and its seeming repetition of past Data Warehousing implementation issues and challenges, I decided to further “educate” myself. Who knows, maybe you actually can teach an old dog new tricks! So, I re-read John Mancini’s ...

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Big Data = Big Challenges = Big Opportunity

In this basic example, a data analysis specialist would have to gather data from audio, video, receive data from third-party systems and, of course, have a computer understand the information, as well as context, of images

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5 Major Myths About Big Data

With that said, the only relationship that it will have with your marketing strategy is that it will provide the foundation of what the goal and focus should be Use of data analysis is useless if there is no one there to relate it to the company, the company’s mission and what consumers are looking for

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