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Cost Of Error In Data Capture

I am constantly reminded in working with clients doing data capture that the cost of error is not well understood or dealt with effectively. For example, in one case, a single letter error on a stock certificate (which only costs about a penny to capture correctly) actually cost an organization $274.50 to correct the error. That’s a cost-to-fix/cost-to capture ratio of 27,450 to 1! One problem apparently is that the cost of error may accrue in a different organization than the one doing the data capture, and so it may be easily overlooked

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Making Records Management a Part of the Solution

Well this will be a bit of a departure for me as I will only be using the word SharePoint a few times, and only in this paragraph

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Give it Away - The Value is in the Knowledge

Let’s face it; you can go and pick almost any large ECM suite and the core functionality is going to be pretty much the same across all of them...In fact, if any one of those items were missing, I doubt the software in question would even qualify as an ECM tool

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ROI for E2.0 – Money Talks

The good news is that there are enough Fortune 500 companies that have embraced and deployed an E2.0 solution in the past 18 months for the start of the emergence of real data available to understand best practices and the real value of their deployments. One of the best practices from these top companies is to focus on one or two very specific business cases that have benefited from the use of an E2.0 solution

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Information Is Currency

When we typically think of currency we think of money, time, hardware and anything that if invested in wisely produces a net profit. For most organization information is one of the most under uitilized forms of currency they have

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Slash E2.0 Management Costs - Be like an LDAP Service

This often leads to multiple instances of similar technologies, with varying degrees of maturity, being deployed in pockets across the enterprise...Provide a single point of management 3

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Is there an ROI in Your Cloud Strategy?

If the CIM system is used to communicate with people outside of the corporate firewall (a typical example), the CIM may be replacing email or FTP services but those services are typically not discontinued because of the CIM

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Business Case War Story – AGAIN

Numbers like the number of FTEs by department or the costs of systems X, Y, and Z tend to be easily accessible...On top of that is the age-old practice of chargeback, or the manner in which internal costs flow through the enterprise

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