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CMIS, A Standard Whose Time has Come

This is why I love the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) standard...CMIS solves content problems today and is not the lowest common denominator of Content Management functionality

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What’s Old Is New Again: IT Priorities, Business Processes and CPOs

CIOs Ask for Chief Process Officers Kimberly Samuelson, who hosted the Symposia alongside Jereb Cheatham, Director of the Laserfiche Institute, and Kurt Rapelje, Director of Software Engineering, just published an article in which she writes: CIOs are being tasked with getting more value out of their existing stacks, and creating composite applications is an effective way of achieving this goal. However, as more of these composite applications are created, bringing together different systems, departments and ways of getting work done, the need to clearly define process is becoming more important than ever

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