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The Devil's Triangle

And one final reference from a presentation by Bob Lawhorn of CAI in March 2010 about the causes of challenged projects: Poorly defined applications (miscommunication between business and IT) contribute to a 66% project failure rate, costing U.S. businesses at least $30 billion every year (Forrester Research) 60% – 80% of project failures can be attributed directly to poor requirements gathering, analysis, and management (Meta Group) 50% are rolled back out of production (Gartner) 40% of problems are found by end users (Gartner) 25% – 40% of all spending on projects is wasted as a result of re-work (Carnegie Mellon) Up to 80% of budgets are consumed fixing self-inflicted problems (Dynamic Markets Limited 2007 Study) If we agree, for the sake of argument, that the software is not typically the problem, that leaves us with the other two corners of this triangle – the customer or the system integrator

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