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A SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence (BI) Deep-dive - Case Study Review from EPC Group

The Business Intelligence Capabilities of SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities in SharePoint 2013 are vast and in many cases are achieved with a combination of SharePoint and Microsoft Office or SharePoint and SQL Server’s capabilities . Note: ...

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Deep-Dive of Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365

Microsoft’s Power BI for Office 365 Microsoft Office 365’s Power BI contains a collection of features and services that enables organization to visualize data and share these discoveries in a very similar manner as SharePoint 2013's on-premise business intelligence...

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Making Social Collaboration Transparent

Over the past several months, I've been talking with customers and partner organizations about how they measure the success of their collaboration efforts today -- and am shocked at how much companies really understand about what is happening within their environments. Most collaboration...

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Big Data? Big Whoop.

Over the past couple of days I’ve been seeing a number of posts and tweets about Biiiiig Dataaaaaaa (ring announcer voice in my head)! What is “Big Data”? Check out the definition in this executive summary ; or as I and others like to say, “It’s as big as a piece...

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New Information Management Certification

More than 20,000 professionals have attended the AIIM Certificate Programs covering various aspects of content, records and process management, and the certificate programs provide you with a thorough understanding of a specific topic. AIIM is now taking the bold step of introducing a new...

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Demystifying SharePoint Business Intelligence

One of the more confusing aspects of SharePoint is its Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities. Why is it confusing (at least for me)? Well, this is AIIM and we spend most of our time discussing information involving unstructured content as opposed to data. And the BI world involves...

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Self-Service BI Hits Primetime with SharePoint & PowerPivot

Last year at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, Donald Farmer, Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager for SQL Server Analysis Services, pulled me up on stage to do a 5-minute bit on why BI Professionals should embrace, rather than fear, self-service Business Intelligence ( ...

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Where are Implicit Connections and Business Intelligence for Unstructured Communication?

Even with some level of unified communications, we spend a frustratingly large amount of time tracking down materials related to conversations, accounts and projects that we are working on. We may have project management tools, integrated email, calendar and voice tools, but they are primarily...

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