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Open Source ERP: When Open Source Collaboration Breaks Down

Open source software development at...the open source ERP model. Community...contributions are central to the open-source model

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The reality of enterprise open source development

reality of building open source enterprise...experience. Open source software is, at...Enterprise open source software is a little

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Open Source Communities as Social Business in Action

community management in open source. The amazing...leaders across several open source software...the successful tactics used by open source

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The cloud sync tower of Babel

look in the direction of open source...Originally started by a student, this open source...accessible by others. As it is open source it

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Looking Back

conditions could be had from truly viable open...source sources. So maybe they could afford me

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Pricing Models and What Drives The Decision

have an aversion against open source...“there’s got to be an open purchase that product. When open...source technology is brought up there is an

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A Perspective on Enterprise 2.0

of Alfresco, open source has had a...figured out yet. However, coming from an open...source background as the co-founder and CTO

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Beware the evils of content lock in

Support open source. With common source software typically means lower...With Open Source solutions and open file

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