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Outlining Your Enterprise Social Collaboration Strategy

So here is, in a nutshell, what I tell people on how to begin defining their enterprise social collaboration strategy: Start the conversation inside your organization

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Riding the Enterprise Social Collaboration Wave

Additionally, the challenge is to ensure that enterprise social collaboration addresses the business benefits of the organization and provides substantial ROI without sacrificing the sometimes business-divergent social needs of the users

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How to choose the Right Collaboration Platform for your Business?

Enterprise Collaboration solutions have been termed as Game Changers and are in huge demand. Leading Analysts like IDC have predicted the Enterprise Collaboration Software Market to grow at ~40% YOY and become a $4.3 bn market by 2016 . This in-turn has encouraged a lot of product vendors to...

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So Evidently this Mobility is a Thing these Days

They are Lightly mobile mature ECM applications, Moderately mobile enterprise social collaboration applications, and Highly mobile vertical LOB applications...It also includes most of the Enterprise Social Collaboration capabilities

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Risk, Rewards, and Regulation in the Social Enterprise

The use of social media tools and techniques in a business context (aka, social business, enterprise social collaboration, social media and collaboration, Enterprise 2.0, the social enterprise, etc.) crossed a threshold somewhere about the middle of 2011

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Staying Ahead of the Content Fragmentation

I just returned from the #e2conf ( ) event in Boston, which focused on the rapid expansion of social collaboration platforms, and was not surprised by many of the concerns among the participants about impacts to existing platforms and architectures -- and what to do with the...

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Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration โ€“ Skip the Separate Investment

My name is Kent Cunningham and I have spent roughly 22 years in various technology fields ranging from IP networking to telephony, global call centers to CRM, and most recently I have been focused on the evolving markets of Enterprise Social Collaboration beyond email and instant messaging

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Divide and Wait to be Conquered

A recent ZDNet article seems to agree: “ Much of SharePoint's redesign is intended to refocus sites as enterprise social collaboration tools ” Maybe it was going to take too long to figure out how to compete in the social/mobile market with the same product that they suggested could be used for Content Management

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