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Information Governance in The Era of 'Pandora's Box' on Content

Another way to describe this process is to become "content aware". Put simply, being content aware is the process of understanding what information is created or managed by an organization, organizing it by how it is used, assigning value to it, and then managing it accordingly. Do a Web search for the phrase "content aware" and you'll only find this topic applied to information governance from the aspect of data loss prevention (DLP). While DLP is certainly one tool in the information governance arsenal, it is just one potential application that can make use of being "content aware". Capture, ECM, archiving, BPM, records management, and many other business applications can provide much greater value by becoming more content aware

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Information Security Checklist: Best Practices for SharePoint

So for true security of data, a layered approach to data security that bases security on the sensitivity of the information (content) itself, or one that is “content-aware”, is required versus just looking at access controls

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Time to Scrap Your Existing System?

The big thing that Gartner argues is that new platforms involve new functionality such as social media, big content, analytics, and content-aware optimization

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