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Behavior Modification

That changed the behavior of enough business partners to further reduce special handling situations due to missing data, missing supporting documents and improve productivity

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How Personalization Created Twelve Seasons and What that means to E2.0

Federation is the key to achieving this and E2.0 goes a long way to align parties, providing a platform to manage information - helping to answer common questions between business partners, building a knowledge base around operations between the groups and providing a window into the partnership that offers a unified view of the companies based on the offering they have partnered to provide. Like a Facebook for the business customers, E2.0 capabilities can provide a central location for business partners within a federated model the ability to easily communicate with a customer under a single, unified brand for the particular business offering

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Innovation, Thy Time is Now

Intelligently employing the latest Web 2.0 and social media tools, and the content, records, document, email, business process, and all the other kinds of “managements,” perfectly illustrates this point – but so does identifying and recruiting strategic business partners, updating your competitive positioning, and ensuring your value propositions are properly targeted and articulated

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How do I Teach Them SharePoint?

One of those concerns has to do with our customers and business partners who work off of our Internet facing server

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Ensuring Compliance: Information Types Your Organization Should Be Concerned About

All enterprise organizations collect and manage sensitive information from many sources – their own employees, customers, vendors, business partners or other businesses, government agencies, and even competitors

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Identifying Meaningful metrics for ECM success

My business partner Sheila Bryant is a strong advocate of this position, arguing that statistics like the number of documents in the repository aren't closely enough correlated with business outcomes

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