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Business Case War Story – AGAIN

try to create a business case for a case is required. They know they...a business case is pretty simple: 1

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Business Case: The Purpose and Benefit

faced the need to produce a business cases...benefit of a business case other than trying...than that for example a business case

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A Business Case for a Taxonomy

ROI is only one form of business BUSINESS CASE A good business case...evaluated in some concrete way. A business case

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Sometimes the Weakest Excuse can topple the Strongest Business Case

My mom was an IT manager. At some point in her career, she published an article titled “Top 10 ways to kill an IT project.” It included some profound observations like “Don’t give the guy that doesn’t show up for the project meetings all the power.” We...

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Develop the Business Case for Improving Your Forms Processes in 4 Steps

to develop a business case for your forms...making the ECM business case here , and a...determine if the business case is directionally

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What's Different about AIIM 2013 and How To Build a Convincing Business Case to Attend

I wrote this up for members and sent it out last week. Feedback has been good, so thought I would share with our online community as well. Hope this helps and feel free to follow up. This month for your member update, I wanted to reach out to you about the 2013 AIIM Conference with hopes of...

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Including Non-Financial Benefits in a Business Case for an ERM System, Part 2

as part of the business case getting your business case approved...challenges you faced in putting your together? Tell us about your success

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