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Backfile Conversion Boot Camp

Basic strategies for conversion are: Full Backfile Conversion . A full backfile conversion converts all existing documents and pre-loads the system prior to going live

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Plenty of options for backfile conversions

I’ve written in this space before about how hospitals and medical practices can utilize backfile conversion techniques to fully leverage their investment in an electronic health records (EHR) system

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What you need to know before starting a backfile conversion project

By now, most businesses know the benefits of embarking on a backfile conversion project when they start using a new digital imaging system. But there’s still plenty of contradictory information out there about the different ways backfile conversions can be tackled

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Imaging’s 2.0 Image Makeover

But even a small step back from the mechanics of backfile conversion or paper document capture reveals the existence of plenty of fertile opportunities for revamping key business processes and bettering the business model

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Use what you Have Well - Is your Copier working for You?

Walk through any office building, and I guarantee you you’ll see at least one photocopier – I think they hand them out as part of the standard “office welcome basket”, along with cubicle walls, staplers and Dilbert cartoons. It’s probably been there so long ...

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Paper Records: Keep or Destroy After Scanning?

And of course those that have begun using electronic images as their official records still have boxes upon boxes of historical paper records to manage, because the cost of performing a backfile conversion is prohibitive, given the infrequency of retrieval

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Member of the Week: Governance, ERM, and Peddling Faster with Monica Crocker

Crocker: Best Day at work was participating in a ceremony where every member our project team, including 30 individuals with developmental disabilities that did extraordinary backfile conversion work, received an achievement award from the Governor’s Office

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