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Set my content free!

But when it comes to taking action to ensure that universal information access is in place, 30% admit they have been slow to do much about it

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Information Without Governance Is Like A Kid With Free Reign To The Cookie Jar

Everyone wants information, but no one wants records. The problem with records is that they are inactive, locked in a cabinet and no longer serve a business purpose. Information is active and can go places where records cannot go, such as the cloud and to mobile. Records are tightly managed...

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The Information Diet: Where’s the Broccoli?

For many, the start of a New Year signals the start of a new diet. This year, author Clay Johnson would like you to focus on how you consume information rather than food. In his new book, “ The Information Diet ,” Johnson writes, “We know we’re products of the foods...

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Tell Us a Little About Yourself

My specialties and main interests relate to search technology, e-discovery, records management, corporate governance, information access, text mining, text analytics, knowledge engineering, knowledge management, computation linguistics, artificial intelligence, and enterprise information management

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Memo to Senior Staff: Wake Up and Smell the Value

Chances are, the budgetary powers-that-be in many of these places are so busy putting out IT infrastructural fires that they haven’t noticed how many of their projects are driven by the need to improve information access, retrieval, and analysis

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Information Governance

Your organization should be able to exploit new ways of working more effectively, such as changes in information access channels and office automation, or new business or service delivery models

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