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Defining the Differences Between Information Governance, IT Governance, & Data Governance

IG processes are higher level than the details of IT governance and much higher than data governance, but both data and IT governance can be (and should be) a part of an overall IG program

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Strategic IT Project Planning: An Impressive Example

MaineGeneral has used this IT governance model for a number of years now, and it is an important factor in helping the team deliver a new facility in which providers will have the most pertinent, complete information available to them at the right times while simultaneously making IT “invisible” to patients

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Big Governance and the Politics of Self-Regulation

When we win new customers who doesn’t want to go public? it’s easy to think in external terms. No doubt the proposal team’s dancing in the end zone. And who’s inspiring them to spike the ball more – the hometown fans or the dejected opponents? However, once that...

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Einstein on SharePoint

“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” – Albert Einstein One of the main takeaways from this past weekend’s SharePoint Saturday The Conference in Annandale, VA is the discussion of SharePoint for SharePoint’s sake. Many...

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SharePoint Governance – buzz buzz buzz what to make of it

Corporate Governance is the upper echelon within organizations and IT have a subset of this focused on IT Governance

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Technology Configuration Trap

Be it governance and best practices, or nitty gritty things such as setting a document scanner to 300 DPI or making sure the duel-stream checkbox is checked

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Social Media and e-Discovery Solutions to Look for

Employees are creating content outside the control of corporate IT governance and compliance with corporate policy is very hard to monitor

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A Call to Arms: The Records Management Revolt of 2015

Then the coalition should reach out to other organizations that may be like-minded, such as ISACA (IT auditors and IT governance professionals), the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), and perhaps some legal trade associations would join in, and also government watchdog groups

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ECMjam: ECM, Sexiness, and Microsoft Isn't the Devil

rlayel @piewords - agree, and maybe IT governance is the key to get it baked in as systems are being designed

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