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Uncovering Office 365, SharePoint Online and My Data

The following is a list of prevention breach items that Microsoft has established regarding the proactive nature of Office 365 security : Port scanning and remediation Perimeter vulnerability scanning OS patching Network-level DDOS detection and prevention Auditing of all operator access and actions Zero standing permissions in the service Just-in-time elevations Automatic rejection of non-background-check employees to high-privilege access Automatic account deletion When employee leaves When employee changes groups When there is lack of use Isolation between mail environment and production access environment for all employees Automated tooling for routine activities In summary, having visited several Microsoft Data Centers firsthand and performed an independent audit for EPC Group's Hybrid Cloud Advisor Practice , I was extremely impressed at how proactive Microsoft is being to ensure that data is secure and compliance standards are being upheld to truly meet their advertised underlying service level agreements (SLAs )

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