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Google Confuses Search & eDiscovery; May Cost Billions

Google is a company run by engineers...Oracle is in a lawsuit with Google over license fees associated with Java...Google did not and it forms a critical part of Google’s popular Android operating system

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How Google+ is Shaking the Social World

By now you probably heard all kinds of predictions: Google+ will take over the social space and gain Facebookers’ hearts with the new features, specially the ability to consolidate networks and manage privacy; Google+ is coming too late; Or, “what is Google+?

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Big Data Meets the Search Media

But we're all active spectators at the Google mind reader circus...Here are my top three: Big Data Media Conference Q&A 1) What's the relationship of Google Suggest to Google Adwords?

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In 2013 Search No More

Google turned on "Suggest" with scarcely a whimper of fanfare...It's true that subdued release cycles are par for the course at Google...Barely a hiccup and our declarations are now captured under Google house arrest

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The Future of ECM and RM

And if that is too much trouble for you, just get in line to buy or rent a Google Chromebook next month, which provides everything you need including IT support (which Google says you won’t be needing). “Google took another swipe at Microsoft on Wednesday when it introduced a new kind of computer called a Chromebook, which stores everything online

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Is There Privacy in an Online Social World?

With the recent introduction of Google+, the big hype was around "Circles"...For those who actually use Google+ consistently, you already have seen how Circles allow people to decide who to share what with

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