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AIIM Social Business Virtual Conference – A Teaser

The three factors that will be examined are the: (1) Shifting workforce demographic that is altering the composition of gen-Y, gen-X, and baby boomers employees in the workplace (2) Increase in the percentage of knowledge workers needed by companies and industry, and (3) Evolving work patterns that are dramatically impacting how we work

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Advertising for Intranets

"We felt like, well, the ad had nothing to do with the search. Why would we show it? It's distracting." - Sergey Brin I've been reading an outdated retro book about Google's early rise from an OEM tool for web portals to the appropriation of term currency...

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Why Plantronics "How we Work" Study is Incomplete

The Plantronics report was referenced in a ZDNet column, " Study: 'Employees not sociable at work'; Gen Y needs to change everything " - calling generation Y to action to ensure social media drove business value in the enterprise

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I'm Not Too Old for Web 2.0

That theme was the discussion of the baby boomer generation, Gen X, Gen Y, etc

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Riding the Enterprise Social Collaboration Wave

Let me substantiate this with a few observations: GEN-Y workforce are coming in large numbers especially into the BRICS’ emerging economies and they are bringing trends of openness and more social collaboration in the workplace The inclination is towards moving away from the work station, going mobile and being able to ideate through “crowd-sourcing” Over 50% of enterprises will use activity streams including micro blogging by the end of 2012 * 42% of workers spend time working from locations outside of the corporate firewall from home or at client locations * Thus, from both the IT and business perspectives, it makes sense to converge social collaboration with existing enterprise solutions, ensuring that the investments made in the current platforms serve the “social” needs of the younger work force and other stakeholders

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