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The top 5 hosting myths debunked

Picture this: You’ve just landed a job as a system administrator in a small business with a promising future. So far so good, right? Not so fast. As the company’s go-to guy for all things IT, you’re faced with the biggest challenge of your career, which is to pick up the pieces...

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SharePoint Decision Guide – A Best Practices Roadmap and Organizational Strategy by EPC Group - Part 1

I believe there was also a much different “ wildcard ” factor involved in the initial aggressive analyst reports of companies push towards the cloud and then the prevailing and much lower number of actual cloud migrations that had been completed. I believe that the “wildcard” that may have skewed the initial cloud migration analyst reports were driven in part by organizational leadership’s requirements to cut costs and the many mentions of these “Cloud First” recommend announcements by major software companies and state and government agencies. The other factor I think that caused many companies to put a hold on their cloud migration plans were some of these regulatory, intellectual property, and security related concerns that realized and warranted more research before authorizing the actual migration effort

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