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    Thanks for the clarification Erica. I've even heard differences before from IT. Might be one of those ...

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    Hey all, I want to clarify some information about how long messages are recoverable after they are deleted ...

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    A reminder, tomorrow we have our member-only webinar with @Lewis Eisen and @Jeff Ball .  They'll recap ...

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    Hello everyone, Mark your calendars for our special event taking place in the AIIM Community: Ask ...

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    Thanks to everyone who responded so far! Maureen Sent from my iPhone

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    Hello Maureen, it depends on the customer case here. For financial, legal and pharma sector, everything ...

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    We had this issue too and were recently able to implement deletion after 7 days in the Deleted box. Same ...

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    30 day deletion setting for us. Of course then it hides for 90 days in Microsoft until it is truly deleted. ...


  • Board of Directors Nominations

    Call for Nominations for the AIIM Board of Directors

    We are currently accepting nominations for candidates to serve on the AIIM Board of

    Directors for a three-year term beginning January 1, 2022. The first Board meeting for

    selected candidates will be in a non-voting “guest” capacity on December 9 (virtual and optional for incoming directors).

    Candidate qualifications include:

    1. knowledge of key industry trends
    2. experience in strategic planning, implementation and budgeting
    3. demonstrated commitment to AIIM and the industry
    4. willingness to attend four Board meetings per year (most will likely be virtual) with one allowed absence
    5. AIIM Professional Member in good standing

    Nominations may be submitted by the nominee or his/her supporter. The nomination package includes the following items:

    1. nominee’s current resume
    2. brief statement from the nominee regarding the role and value he/she believes AIIM should play/provide over the next 2-3 years
    3. one-page statement regarding the nominee’s contribution to that process as a member of the Board of Directors
    4. two letters of support from individuals that can attest to the strategic acumen and professional integrity of the nominee

    Completed nominations and letters of support can be sent to Boshia Smith, Community/Membership Administrator; questions may also be directed to her at Deadline for nominations is Monday, September 27, 2021.



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  • What is Information Governance, and Why is it Important? There are many benefits to constructing an Information Governance program plan. Generally, regulatory compliance or litigation activities are at the top of the list and often spur the creation of the IG program itself, but that's just the start of the list of IG benefits
  • What happens when information comes to the end of its lifecycle and no longer remains relevant, useful, or valuable? Or, what about when a record’s retention schedule comes to an end? If we keep everything forever, we’ll quickly run into issues like storage costs and other negatives like findability and increased risks. There’s a better way - read on as we explore the importance of Disposition.

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