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Join AIIM Florida Chapter for a webinar May 30 featuring Adrienne Bellehumeur

  • 1.  Join AIIM Florida Chapter for a webinar May 30 featuring Adrienne Bellehumeur

    Posted 15 days ago

    Join AIIM Florida Chapter for a webinar May 30!

    The New Culture of Documentation
    How Dynamic Documentation Transforms Productivity and Problem-Solving

    Presented by Adrienne Bellehumeur, CPA, CA and Owner, Risk Oversight

    Documentation has traditionally been viewed as "static." That is, lifeless piles of paper, dusty binders on a shelf, records in your database. But when applied properly, documentation is "dynamic" – it actively moves you and your organization forward and changes outcomes.

    In today's economy, there's a push everywhere to conserve resources and "do more with less." But organizations can't become more efficient or effective if they don't teach, encourage, and provide the tools for people to work better - on their own and in sync with others. This includes better skills, habits, disciplines, and frameworks for how everyone (not just IM managers) creates and manages documentation.

    No matter what your situations-your files are a mess; you can't get your team to follow up; you're stuck in a vortex of meetings; no one reads your processes; your fancy system was a bust; your "transformation" initiative is spinning in circles; your expensive, "best-in-class" consultants failed to deliver real change- Dynamic Documentation is about solving your business problems through 6 distinct steps: Capturing, Structuring, Presenting, Communicating, Storing and Leveraging, Leading and Innovating.

    This session is designed to open the discussion and provide concrete (low tech!) approaches to enhance our productivity and problem-solving specifically around how we leverage information and documentation for ourselves and for our teams.

    Thursday, May 30 at 1:00 pm EDT

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    Erin Dempsey
    Advisor, Chapter Communications
    AIIM Florida Chapter