Special Interest Group: Women in Information Management (WIIM)

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Blog Post to Celebrate WIIM

  • 1.  Blog Post to Celebrate WIIM

    Posted 02-26-2024 14:42

    A few members of this community are (1) interested in reviving WIIM and (2) want to publish a blog post in early March in recognition of International Women's Month and to let our community know that WIIM is back!

    I'd love to hear from the community and get your contributions to this post so...

    1. What are the obstacles facing women in IM?
    2. How can WIIM women in overcoming or addressing those obstacles?

    We also are featuring two WIIM sessions at the AIIM Conference 2024 in San Antonio, April 3-5. There will be a fireside chat with keynote speaker Carla Howard and an in-person meet-up! Register at aiimconference.com to join us. 

    Tori Miller Liu, MBA, FASAE, CAE, CIP
    President & CEO
    AIIM International