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  • Document Management is the use of a software application to track digital documents from creation through approval and publication. It serves in many ways to apply a formal governance framework to the document creation and collaborative editing processes.
  • In a truly all-digital world, there would be no need for printers – or scanners or document couriers. Documents would never need to be printed, and processes would run smoothly from all-electronic input to all-electronic output. This may already the reality for some leading companies, but for most organizations, forms, contracts, agreements, and signoffs are still rooted in wet ink on paper. In this post, we’ll examine...
  • We’ve covered the importance of Information Capture on the blog before and explored how capture represents the first step in the information lifecycle. In this step, we “capture” or gather information into our business ecosystem to store, manage, protect, and ultimately it use for business value. It ALL starts with capture. But, the...

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