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This online community will be a place where any organization – small or large, private or public, regardless of business climate or industry– can find resources on starting or improving an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) program. An ECM Program includes, but is not limited to: information governance, compliance, business process management, records management and control of all content systems in any given organization. The community will be open to ECM Professionals, Vendors and Consultants within the global IM community. This community will focus on ECM Systems, as opposed to more general information management concerns. This will be a place to share experiences and resources; pose and answer questions; offer advice and provide best practices. It is meant to be a vibrant, living community that will grow and adapt along with the profession and industry. There is no one solution for any ECM Project, so this community will not attempt to provide one definitive answer and will maintain product neutrality; but rather be a place to provide different approaches to solving the ECM issues for different situations.

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  • We are currently evaluating a few ECM providers and Fiserv Nautilus is one on our list. It's basically rebranded OnBase plus some extra out of the box integrations and workflows for banking customers. Curious to hear any feedback if anyone out there is ...

  • ​Are you a woman in information management? Did you attend the AIIM Conference last month? Be sure to check out the Women in Intelligent Information Management (WIIM) Webinar on Wednesday, April 22nd at 11:00 a.m. EST. Find out who we are, get a recap ...

  • Alvaro: One of the things that could be considered is to have AIIM implement a speaker's Bureau for Innovation and Change Management and have AIIM speakers go out and start to make this an issue to gain a better ROI (Return on Investment). The only charge ...

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  • Thank you Lorne for your comments. An important point of view for me also. ------------------------------ Alvaro Zelasco Principal Consultant BPM/ECM Polysistemas Corp SAC ------------------------------

  • Hi Hemaben, thank you very much for your response, I have taken note of all the aspects you mention. ------------------------------ Alvaro Zelasco Principal Consultant BPM/ECM Polysistemas Corp SAC ------------------------------

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  • In this episode of AIIM On Air , I speak with Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership for Iron Mountain. We discuss the biggest impacts on the workplace from Covid-19 and the challenges and opportunities of the new normal of business today.
  • Before we start, let’s take a minute to address the big elephant in the room. You’re probably thinking, “Where are you going with this sales angle, Sean? I work with records and information, and my job is all about managing, protecting, and storing it. I don’t sell a thing!” Well, what we’re going to cover today will show you that you ARE, in fact, in the business of selling when it comes to Information...
  • In this episode of AIIM On Air I am joined by Greg Council, VP Marketing and Product Management at Parascript . Greg is a member of the AIIM leadership council and an expert in digital transformation using tools like advanced data extraction, taxonomy, and search.

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