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This online community will be a place where any organization – small or large, private or public, regardless of business climate or industry– can find resources on starting or improving an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) program. An ECM Program includes, but is not limited to: information governance, compliance, business process management, records management and control of all content systems in any given organization. The community will be open to ECM Professionals, Vendors and Consultants within the global IM community. This community will focus on ECM Systems, as opposed to more general information management concerns. This will be a place to share experiences and resources; pose and answer questions; offer advice and provide best practices. It is meant to be a vibrant, living community that will grow and adapt along with the profession and industry. There is no one solution for any ECM Project, so this community will not attempt to provide one definitive answer and will maintain product neutrality; but rather be a place to provide different approaches to solving the ECM issues for different situations.

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  • Paul, good comments, all in line with what I was thinking.  We also have "champions" one for each functional area that requires record keeping.  That champion is responsible to ensure all their team's records get into the repository, using the correct ...

  • Hi I am working in a similar environment.  They have SAP and a couple of other Line of Business Systems, and have gone the Office 365 route.  Whilst your question relates more to the roles than the technology, this is significant. They have a few key ...

  • Ole, That seems like much more of an Organizational Design question. And OD is typically the realm for HR folks. Have you considered talking to them? ------Original Message------ ​Thanks ...

  • ​Thanks for reply, but I am looking for best way to organize the people and roles to achieve efiicient information management. What roles are needed, how many people should be involved, who should they report to. Ole ------------------------------ Ole ...

  • Laserfiche Rio could do what you're asking.   Our County is seriously considering amalgamating 10 towns/villages/hamlets into one municipality.  If they do, I will be recommending that we upgrade our Laserfiche Avante, which has only one repository ...

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  • Welcome back to this continuing series on the updated Certified Information Professional (CIP) exam . In this post, I'll be focusing on Domain 3, Digitalizing Core Business Processes. You can see the posts for Domain 1, Creating and Capturing Information
  • Recently, you may have heard the phrase, “I am working remotely.” But, what exactly is remote work? Let’s start by explaining the term first. A remote worker is someone who works outside the office space. As technology has evolved, it has changed the way people work and created new opportunities to work outside the office walls. Remote working is also referred to as teleworking or telecommuting
  • By now, you may have heard that AIIM is in the process of updating its Certified Information Professional (CIP) Program . With CIP 3 set to launch soon, your podcast host Kevin Craine wanted to dig deeper into what users can expect from the revamp of the program.

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