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This online community will be a place where any organization – small or large, private or public, regardless of business climate or industry– can find resources on starting or improving an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) program. An ECM Program includes, but is not limited to: information governance, compliance, business process management, records management and control of all content systems in any given organization. The community will be open to ECM Professionals, Vendors and Consultants within the global IM community. This community will focus on ECM Systems, as opposed to more general information management concerns. This will be a place to share experiences and resources; pose and answer questions; offer advice and provide best practices. It is meant to be a vibrant, living community that will grow and adapt along with the profession and industry. There is no one solution for any ECM Project, so this community will not attempt to provide one definitive answer and will maintain product neutrality; but rather be a place to provide different approaches to solving the ECM issues for different situations.

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  • Anyone on here use Indeed for posting jobs for your employer?  If so, how does Indeed work?  How are the resumes and applications collected?  Do they export original applications and resumes to you.  Do they keep a copy of themselves? Retention question ...

  • Hi I also recommend Laserfiche as we just implemented this earlier in the year.  It is a standalone Enterprise Content Management software.  If you are looking to switch systems this would be a very good fit for your needs.  Here is a link to the LF Forms ...

  • We do have a ECM Platform already, is the Laserfiche product an ADD-on to their DM system or is it a standalone? Thanks for the response! ------------------------------ Johnny Burke Glacier Bancorp ------------------------------

  • If you want standardize forms creation then I give a double thumbs up to Laserfiche And if I can create forms then anyone can create forms. Here is a form that external folks use if they want to send info to our organization. It was easy to build ...

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    Form creating software

    Hello, I am looking for any feedback on Form creating software.  We are looking to standardize our forms creation process to streamline archival and business process.  Can anyone recommend any software that allows for low code form creation? Thanks! ...

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  • In several posts, we’ve talked about professional development options for information management professionals and provided guidance on how to determine whether a particular course or certification is a good fit . For the most...
  • I’ll save you from having to read another contrived word about how difficult the last year was. And it was, without a doubt, difficult. Instead, I want to focus on one of my favorite positives to come out of the pandemic – the “Covid Hobby” phenomenon.
  • What is Information Governance, and Why is it Important? There are many benefits to constructing an Information Governance program plan. Generally, regulatory compliance or litigation activities are at the top of the list and often spur the creation of the IG program itself, but that's just the start of the list of IG benefits

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