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This online community will be a place where any organization – small or large, private or public, regardless of business climate or industry– can find resources on starting or improving an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) program. An ECM Program includes, but is not limited to: information governance, compliance, business process management, records management and control of all content systems in any given organization. The community will be open to ECM Professionals, Vendors and Consultants within the global IM community. This community will focus on ECM Systems, as opposed to more general information management concerns. This will be a place to share experiences and resources; pose and answer questions; offer advice and provide best practices. It is meant to be a vibrant, living community that will grow and adapt along with the profession and industry. There is no one solution for any ECM Project, so this community will not attempt to provide one definitive answer and will maintain product neutrality; but rather be a place to provide different approaches to solving the ECM issues for different situations.

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  • Alvaro: One of the things that could be considered is to have AIIM implement a speaker's Bureau for Innovation and Change Management and have AIIM speakers go out and start to make this an issue to gain a better ROI (Return on Investment). The only charge ...

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  • Thank you Lorne for your comments. An important point of view for me also. ------------------------------ Alvaro Zelasco Principal Consultant BPM/ECM Polysistemas Corp SAC ------------------------------

  • Hi Hemaben, thank you very much for your response, I have taken note of all the aspects you mention. ------------------------------ Alvaro Zelasco Principal Consultant BPM/ECM Polysistemas Corp SAC ------------------------------

  • Hi Robert, i agree with you. One platform for the entire organization is the best approach for document management. Every document generated or received should be managed there. The challenge, as i see, is to become this approach a high priority for ...

  • Lorne: I understand what you are saying, but I think you need to consult an infrastructure security person who is dealing with 7x24 monitoring and has full responsibility for Cyber security and all other aspects. In most cases either option requires full ...

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  • Enacting change is easier when you don’t have to go at it alone. In fact, a major factor in the success of organizational change comes down to internal buy-in with your co-workers. The more internal advocates you have on your side, the easier that positive change can spread quickly and efficiently. The old adage about there being ‘strength in numbers’ holds true when it comes to change management
  • The success of any project relies on involving stakeholders early on and keeping them properly informed throughout. A systems development project is no different. If you want the systems that you build, buy, and develop to properly manage information assets across the life cycle, then you have to leverage the knowledge of your RIM team.
  • In today's digital era of information technology, a company needs to consider several factors to decide how to manage their data and documents online. A large share of companies have now adopted cloud-based infrastructure, but many still rely on the tried-and-true legacy of on-premises document management software programs. If you, too, are in a dilemma as to which solution is right for your business, stick around...

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