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  • Over the past few years, and even as recently as last week, organizations have suffered from ransomware attacks and/or have been affected by data breaches.   These attacks have become so frequent that they became a major topic of discussion at the recent ...

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  • In several posts, we’ve talked about professional development options for information management professionals and provided guidance on how to determine whether a particular course or certification is a good fit . For the most...
  • I’ll save you from having to read another contrived word about how difficult the last year was. And it was, without a doubt, difficult. Instead, I want to focus on one of my favorite positives to come out of the pandemic – the “Covid Hobby” phenomenon.
  • What is Information Governance, and Why is it Important? There are many benefits to constructing an Information Governance program plan. Generally, regulatory compliance or litigation activities are at the top of the list and often spur the creation of the IG program itself, but that's just the start of the list of IG benefits

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