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  • At the heart of any digital transformation journey is information. Information is the currency that fuels and funds innovation, process improvements, and organizational performance. As a result, an organization’s information is its most valuable asset; the common denominator in customer experience, business agility, operational excellence, and automation.
  • We've been offering the Certified Information Professional exam in a proctored online format for about a year now. In that time, we've noticed some common pitfalls that cause issues with candidates or even prevent them from completing the exam. Here are the top three issues candidates run into and how to avoid them:
  • We regularly discuss the value and importance of information governance - at our conference, in our training courses, in our virtual events. And we're by no means alone - every association and consulting firm in the industry has been making the same points for years. And if you're reading this post, you probably get it already. But what if your bosses still don't care? How can you...


  • Welcome to the CIP Community

    Congrats to each of you - if you are part of this community group then you have been awarded the CIP Certification. Round of applause to each and every one of us.

    We have created this group for you, to learn what you want from AIIM, and from the CIP certification to help you in your current role, or even future role. Perhaps there are burning questions you'd like to seek answers from other CIP's - here's the spot for that. 

    We all look forward to sharing this community with you, please join discussions, grab any of the resources shared, share your suggestions for improving anything and everything CIP.

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