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  • Option-2. Full back file conversation, can only give maximum benefits to save storage space compared to other options. Kind Regards, Bhavesh Joshi

  • The purpose is to free up the space due to that the recommendation is full back file conversion. ------------------------------ Murali Nandappa IDC Shell ------------------------------

  • Hi all and happy Monday! This week's practice exam question comes from Domain 1, Creating and Capturing Information.  A law firm has run out of space and is looking to expand by leasing a nearby building. The records manager notes that there are hundreds ...

  • Hi all, and happy Friday!  As most of you noted, options 3 and 4 are the best answers. For 1, just because a system is 3 years old doesn't mean it can't continue to meet the organization's business needs. For 2, without more information, how do you know ...

  • ​– Answers would be 3 & 4, although your stakeholders may act like it is 1 & 2! ------------------------------ Deborah Robbins ------------------------------

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  • You’ve been told that your information management project needs governance. Maybe you’ve even formed a governance committee. However, what is governance, anyway? If you’ve been in organizations for a while, you’re likely indoctrinated into the theory of control; however, that’s not what governance is about. Still, you must have governance, or you’ll end up with chaos. How do you tame the mythical siren of governance...
  • The energy industry plays a crucial role in all our lives. Without it, we wouldn't be able to keep the lights on...or the wifi, or the computers...and so on, but what is it that powers this critical industry?
  • The international standard on records management, ISO 15489 defines migration as the: "Act of moving records from one system to another, while maintaining the records' authenticity, integrity, reliability, and usability." But, migration is much broader than just records. Essentially, any time a legacy system is decommissioned, it should be reviewed to determine: What information is stored there...

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