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  • 2. Metadata  ------------------------------ Padmasundari Rajkumar Records and Imaging Supervisor Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund ------------------------------

  • Metadata- the data is analyzed. ------------------------------ Yvette Tubman Records, Imaging and Mail Manager Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund ------------------------------

  • Answer would be 2 Metadata.  ​​ ------------------------------ Victoria Stanford Nalcor Energy ------------------------------

  • Hi everyone! This week's practice exam question comes from Domain 2, Extracting Intelligence from Information.  Which of these would improve the findability of information stored in information management systems by efficiently organizing it for ready ...

  • Happy Friday everyone! The best answers here are 1 and 3. While both 2 and 4 can be important in terms of skilling up junior staff, both of those are explicit knowledge rather than tacit insofar as they have been recorded in some fashion.  Join me next ...

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  • In this episode of AIIM On Air I am joined by Greg Council, VP Marketing and Product Management at Parascript . Greg is a member of the AIIM leadership council and an expert in digital transformation using tools like advanced data extraction, taxonomy, and search.
  • Words are important. Beyond that, the words you choose can mean the difference between someone understanding what you’re saying and someone giving you that glazed expression with one eyebrow lifted saying, “Huh?” It’s just as important to think of WHO you are communicating to, as it is to think of WHAT you’re trying to say. Allow me to share a quick example to illustrate my point...
  • Digitally Transforming IS the Future Most organizations and departments have a mandate to continuously improve operations. A conventional change agenda involves better tools and technology, better behaviors, and better processes, all focused on generating better efficiencies and improved productivity - a transition called Digital Transformation

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