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  • I tried to access as well but was unable. Get Outlook for iOS

  • Can't access the document you've shared, pls share. Thanks. ------------------------------ Ellen Chuatoco ------------------------------

  • Hello Everyone, I have a question about Teams Chat History for 1:1 conversations. We do not currently have a retention policy in place, so the default of retain chats forever is in place. We are able to do an ediscovery search and retrieve the old ...

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    RE: SharePoint/O365

    Hello Collins, you can start here: Microsoft 365 Training Also, ask your admin to deploy Learning Pathways which can be found in the Solutions section of SharePoint look book (microsoft.com) . It's got the tutorials and quick tips and is easily ...

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    Hello All, Good to be here. Please where can I get training for SharePoint/O365? As a Knowledge Management professional, I know that SharePoint/O365 will help me a lot in executing projects for my organization/clients Collins ------------------------------ ...

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  • We have an information dilemma on our hands at AIIM. Starting the year, we believed that 2023 is the 80th anniversary of AIIM. We have several blog posts referencing 1943 as AIIM’s founding date. In fact, we celebrated our 75th anniversary just five years ago. 2023 must be our 80th anniversary, right?
  • This is an article about names and whether or not they matter. My first intuition was to open with the quote, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet,” but I thought better of it. Not because it was too cliche, which it was, but because it immediately transported me back to my sophomore year of high school, when the greatest achievement of my life up to that point was winning the role of...
  • Take a deep breath. This is another article about ChatGPT and Generative AI. I'll be honest. I am the type of person that struggles to resist a good hype cycle. In 2021, I couldn't stop talking about the metaverse. I even organized a half-day workshop on the metaverse, with part of the event held in the metaverse. It was very meta.

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