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It's not too late to register for this webinar tomorrow at 11 AM EST

  • 1.  It's not too late to register for this webinar tomorrow at 11 AM EST

    Posted 03-30-2022 10:46

    Enterprise Data Management: Managing your Business's Entire Data Lifecycle

     Featuring Eugene Rudenko, AI Solutions Consultant at NIX United

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    The amount of data businesses generate and use in their operational activities grows exponentially every year. Ideally, all the data should be stored, organized, and processed at a reasonable cost. Therefore, enterprise data management (EDM) is not a buzzword but a necessary component of modern business operations that want to transform data into an efficient tool and have an advantage over competitors. Competent data management is all about establishing a process that extracts the value from data, mitigates risk, and contributes to data-driven decisions. In addition, the well-established EDM is secured and increases the quality, integrity, and trustworthiness of the data used for business operations and reporting.

     Suppose you have heard about data management but always wanted to understand what it is in a nutshell, its benefits, and most importantly, how to organize this process in your company or level up the existing data management process in your business. In that case, this webinar is just what you need.

     In this webinar, you will see the full potential of data management solutions, get meaningful advice from a seasoned expert about accelerating a business's digital transformation and frictionless building of EDM for your company proven with case studies.

    By attending this session, you will learn about:

    • What data management is and why this process is a must-have for enterprises in 2022
    • How to assess the maturity level of data management and digital transformation in your organization 
    • Advice on how to determine between ready-made products of custom solutions
    • Advantages and disadvantages in comparison of cloud vs. on-premise vs. hybrid solutions
    • Data management advantages by the example of our use case AWS-based BI Platform for Data Visualization and Marketing Insights
    • Necessary conditions to ensure secure data storage and data compliance standards
    • The importance of high security for workspace and inner channels of communication

    About our presenter and NIX United:

    Eugene Rudenko is an AI Solutions Consultant with more than 10 years of experience in business consulting for the software development industry. He always follows tech trends and applies the most efficient ones in the software production process. Finding himself in the Data Science world, Evgeniy realized that this is exactly where cutting-edge AI solutions are being adopted and optimized for business issues. In his work, he mostly focuses on the process of business automation and software products development, business analysis, and consulting.
    With offices in Ukraine, St. Petersburg, FL and other parts of the world, NIX United adopts and solves complex technical challenges no matter where, why, and when they may arise due to a combination of extensive tech expertise, a stance of creative bravery, and an uncompromising passion for their work.

    From NIX United: "On February 24, we started to implement the Business Continuity Plan that had been prepared beforehand in case of any disruptions of business functions and processes, which includes helping Ukrainian team members to transfer to safer locations. Shortly thereafter, we executed the terms of moving to the sustainable remote operational model.

    As a result, in less than a week, 90% of our 2000+ engineers were back on track, working effectively via streamlined processes. The team fully carries out launched and scheduled tasks. You may seamlessly contact any of the NIX United managers on all matters the same as ever. Motivated more than ever before, we want to be exactly the type of team you need to offer the smartest solutions for your business."
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    Erin Dempsey
    Advisor, Chapter Communications
    AIIM Florida Chapter