Using SharePoint 2010’s Social Bookmarking with MOSS 2007

By Vanessa Williams posted 09-23-2010 14:58


One of my clients is upgrading their My Sites to SharePoint 2010 prior to upgrading collaboration sites. So their users will be living in two versions of SharePoint for a while. This seems like a perfect use case for SharePoint 2010’s new social bookmarking features.

Microsoft recommends that users add a bookmarklet to their browser’s favorites and use that to apply SharePoint 2010 social tags to MOSS 2007 content. A bookmarklet is a tiny JavaScript function stored as a browser bookmark. See Microsoft's article, Use tags and notes to share information with colleagues, to get step-by-step instructions on how to go that route.

In my experience, most users don’t know what a bookmarklet is, much less how to add one to their browser.  Microsoft already provides us with the JavaScript that’s required for tagging the page in SharePoint 2010:

Right click here and copy the shortcut to get the JavaScript.

You can use this JavaScript script to create a reusable widget that people can drop on their MOSS 2007 collaboration sites. The easiest way to do this is probably using a content editor web part, but you could also create a server control or custom web part to emit this JavaScript to the page.

When a user clicks on this widget on your page, then the Tags and Notes window opens (see the figure below), which allows them to add tags or comments about the page. These tags or comments then show up in SharePoint 2010's activity feeds. Additionally, you could use JavaScript to create a widget that automatically applied a certain social tag, such as SharePoint 2010’s ubiquitous ‘I Like It’ or a more a contextually appropriate tag or managed metadata term.


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