The Impact of BREXIT on AIIM Europe

By Ulrich Kampffmeyer posted 01-10-2018 01:35

Generally I am writing in German in this blog of the DACH community, but this topic might be as well of interest to some non-German speakers.

The Impact of BREXIT on AIIM Europe

AIIM has been active in Europe for quite a long time. The European headquarters are located in Worcester, UK. AIIM Europe is offering their services from the UK. On March 29th, 2019, the United Kingdom will be no longer part of the European Union.

In fact, AIIM Europe was always focussing on the UK with its roadshows, courses and other services. Outside UK AIIM had only few benefits and services to offer, largely relying on local partners and some enthusiastic AIIM fans. English as common language facilitator between US and UK restricted activities and acknowledgement of AIIM in the rest of Europe. AIIM Europe was in fact AIIM UK.

Now the UK is leaving the European Union and this will reduce the influence of AIIM in Europe even more. There are some operational considerations like:
  • new form of invoices and pricing due to tax laws,
  • change of Terms & Conditions because they are no longer covered by European law but by Bristish law,
  • full implementation of GDPR although UK leavers the European Union, because otherwise personal data of European AIIM members are no longer allowed to be stored in systems in the UK,
  • contracts for participating AIIM members from the European Union states in events in the UK.
And there are some general considerations in regard to benefits and services:
  • what kind of services and benefits can AIIM offer to AIIM members in the European Union from a foreign country, no longer member of the European Union? AIIM Europe will have the same foreign status as AIIM international in the US.

To wait for a "soft BREXIT" where contracts cover as well services is a hope in vain. The UK just installed a state secretary with the only task to prepare for a hard BREXIT. As well officials in the European Council now take on considerations how to handle a "hard BREXIT" with no deal. So AIIM should prepare for these changes - operational as well strategically.
Renaming AIIM Europe into AIIM UK?
Starting a new approach inside the European Community?
Redesigning the offerings for European AIIM members?
Closing down AIIM Europe to run all operations from the US?

March 2019 is only 14 month away.




03-11-2019 12:50

The original deadline for Brexit is nearing ... End of March 2019.

The risk of a hard BREXIT is growing by the hour.
Everyday new details of the Brexit implications show up. These touch as well information management and our industry.

The UK ICO has issued a list of standard contract conditions in a case of a hard Brexit and a Records Management checklist The EU published  a list in regard of GDPR implications

Taxation relevant data and commercial documents from Germany will be no longer allowed to be stored in data centers in the UK. UK companies and organisations will be no longer allowed to use .EU domains. Patents, trademarks, designs and other information protected under EU law, reverse charging, mailing databases etc.  are at stake. Software contracts and licensing from UK companies with European customers have to be reorganised .. .a.s.o. All small stuff you may think, but there are lot more of these small pitfalls.

As mentioned above - this has as well impact on AIIM Europe and their European members. Invoicing, contracts, storing GDPR data from European members a.s.o. 

Let's all hope, that the "politicians" in England (!) come to the conclusion to sign May's deal, or, even better, to cancel Brexit completely. 

01-12-2018 08:25

Thank you for your comment Peggy. My blog remarks derive from the current situation with customers moving their data (even offices and even production lines) out of UK. Delivering AIIM services via UK makes no difference to delivering AIIM services via USA in the future. The existing VAT advantages (reverse charging) for services are not subject to comparable free trade agreements with other foreign states (like Canada). The general question remains - what kind of services will AIIM deliver in Europe in the future. So I am looking forward to the new strategy plan you mentioned in your post. Best regards, Uli

A comment from our blog as answer to Peggy Winton ( in German.

Zu unserem Beitrag "Brexit & AIIM Europe" hat inzwischen die Präsidentin der AIIM, Peggy Winton, eine Antwort auf Linkedin und in der deutschen AIIM Community verfasst. Sie ist der Überzeugung, dass der anstehende (harte?) Brexit keine Auswirkungen auf die Aktivitäten der AIIM aus dem Vereinigten Königreich (Worcester) heraus hat. Dabei zieht die Europäische Kommission bereits die Zügel an. Die Richtlinien für UK als Drittstaat in Bezug auf die GDPR und industrielle Produkte sind bereits veröffentlicht, die Regelungen für Dienstleistungen folgen in Kürze.
Peggy Winton weist in ihrem Kommentar vielmehr darauf hin, dass die AIIM Europe in 2018 ihre Aktivitäten in Europa verstärken will. Dies betrifft zunächst die Niederlande (hier laufen Veranstaltungen und AIIM-Kurse wie der CIP gut) und Norwegen (dort ist der AIIM Vice-President  für das Business Development Europe, Atle Skjekkeland, zu Hause). Bisher dümpeln die Aktivitäten der AIIM außerhalb der USA vor sich hin und hängen sehr stark vom Engagement einzelner Unternehmen und Mitglieder ab. Mal sehen, ob die neue Initiative auch Auswirkungen auf den Markt in DACH zeitigt. Der Niedergang des Branchenbegriffes ECM trägt nämlich auch nicht gerade dazu bei, die AIIM interessanter zu machen und die Position des Verbandes zu stärken. Dabei sind die AIIM-Kurse wie der ECM Master und die Studien der AIIM zum Markt sehr gut und äußerst nützlich. In Deutschland wird die AIIM nur von PROJECT CONSULT gefördert (Kurse), die auch die deutschsprachigen Foren der AIIM und deutschsprachige Master-Home-Studies betreut.

01-10-2018 12:22

Thank you so much for your concerns, Uli.

Brexit is many things -- known and unknown to many at this time.  To be sure, there will be business disruptions and administrative hassles for any of us that conduct business in, and travel within the affected countries. As with GDPR, AIIM is taking all necessary steps to accommodate the new rules and regulations as/if appropriate.  

What Brexit is NOT going to do is impact AIIM's reach or community growth. Our programs and methods of delivery were globalized and virtualized many years ago. Yes, we have team members that are based in Worcester (where we also have a registered, wholly-owned subsidiary licensed as “AIIM Europe”). But, let there be no confusion; we are "AIIM", with over 150,000 active subscribers worldwide, including nearly 14,000 in Europe (excluding the UK). In 2017 alone, we welcomed corporate members from Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal and Germany. With assistance from our Board of Directors in Germany, Scotland, and Dubai, we have formulated a 2018 plan that calls for enhanced and dedicated efforts to build on our European success by adding new activities specifically in Norway and Amsterdam.

We appreciate all the efforts that you, other delivery partners, members, and sponsors have made in contributing to our research and educational success – in Europe and elsewhere. We hope that you will join us on the Digital Transformation journey, with Intelligent Information Management as the roadmap.