Moreq 2010 Records Management - Public consultation portal launched

By Ulrich Kampffmeyer posted 07-21-2010 13:47


MoReq 2010 Consultation Portal Launched

Request for contributions

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MoReq 2010 project

The DLM Forum has begun an intensive work programme to update MoReq, model requirements for the management of electronic records.

The MoReq2010 project seeks make MoReq more flexible and scalable and better able address industry specialisation.

This will have the effect of broadening the appeal of MoReq, significantly widening its adoption, and making compliance accessible to non-traditional software suppliers.

The MoReq2010 project began in April with the intention of publishing the next generation innovative specification by the end of the 2010 calendar year.

Community participation

An important part of the MoReq2010 project plan is consultation with the wider international community. This will be done through the recently launched MoReq2010 Consultation Portal. Community consultation will be in two phases each of approximately 5 weeks duration:

Concept Collaboration, July 2010

where particiapants will be asked to discuss and respond to high-level proposals to amend the specification.

Draft Collaboration, September 2010

where participants will be asked to comment on the detailed draft requirements for the new specification

Everyone with an interest in document, content, records and information management is invited to contribute either as an individual, or as a representative of an organisation or special interest group.

The DLM Forum has already received over 80 pre-registered participants including global content management providers, multi-national corporations, consultants, consumers, suppliers, developers, academic institutions, and many government departments including from Europe, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

To participate register at

Ulrich Kampffmeyer
DLM Forum | MGB MoReq Governance Board

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