Setting the Stage for Automatic Disposition – Success Stories

By Susan Cisco posted 07-14-2014 15:26


It’s hard enough to maintain an up-to-date approved retention schedule, but the barriers to systematic implementation of the schedule are also challenging. My last blog identified people, process, and technology barriers that can have a chilling effect on deletion / destruction of records.

Though still an emerging practice, automatic classification of content is gaining momentum (finally) due to recent court decisions regarding the use of predictive coding:

“… in 2012, a federal district court held that ‘predictive coding’ using software trained by lawyers to identify and classify relevant documents could be substituted for lawyers manually searching for and reviewing every potentially relevant document. Since then, more than a dozen courts and the U.S. Department of Justice have approved the use of predictive coding.” (How Automatic Classification is Revolutionizing Records Management, Iron Mountain Knowledge Center)

Knowing that courts have approved the use of automatic classification for eDiscovery is expected to help acceptance of the technology for records retention and disposition.

Can you comment on successes you’ve had with deleting / destruction of content? What lessons have you learned?

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