Is All the Information About Having Too Much Information Just Too Much Information to Handle?

By Steve Weissman posted 11-21-2013 14:57


There's no question that the state of today's mobile content technology is nothing short of breathtaking. People can do pretty much everything they’d do from their desktops with their tablets or smartphones – scan, OCR, search, author, route, sign, you name it. But I can’t help but wonder: is all this capability simply overwhelming to those organizations who are newer to the table, or perhaps just don’t have all those sophisticated needs?

This thought occurred to me after sitting through a couple of briefings and webinars that focused on all that is wise and wonderful about mobile ECM. On a personal level, I loved the holism that pervaded the messages in terms of their ability to support interoperability across document repositories and back-end data stores. From the perspective of many of my clients, though, it just seemed a little much, as they are still merely trying to move off of a shared drive, or apply some measure of governance, or open their users’ minds to the very fundamentals of information management.

Friend-of-Holly-Group and former AIIMster Laurence Hart wrote today of the need to simplify content management instead of fighting it, and I guess I’m offering this piece in part to reinforce his point. But I’m looking at it from a slightly different direction, namely that of the line-of-business manager or IT director who is trying to sort through all the available solutions and is succeeding only in losing sight of why they want the technology in the first place.

So how about you? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the options that are open to you? I’d love to know if my merry band of clients and colleagues are the only ones who see this dynamic. Thanks for reading!

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11-24-2013 21:10

As if you essay wasn't enough to rattle the brains of the most strong among us, they then face the migration of mission critical applications and platforms to the Cloud and try to integrate all of that with the small device they carry in their pocket. I don't envy our ECM friends and colleagues wrestling with an ever-changing landscape on the ground and in the sky (Cloud)!