AIIM 2012: A Corner Turned

By Steve Weissman posted 03-21-2012 17:00


Two days into the AIIM Conference 2012 (plus another for Chapter Leadership), it’s becoming clear that our association is turning a corner. No longer bounded by the decades-old delimiter known as “content management," nor the decades-long delimiter known as “imaging” that preceded it, it is finally and fully embracing philosophies that my followers and I have used as touchstones for quite a long time:

- “content is content”

- content isn’t functionally any different than “data,” and

- managing information of all kinds is a best-practice, not a technology

AIIM’s new Certified Information Professional program reflects this holistic and “how to” mentality in a tangible way, and because it does, it was easy for me to agree to prepare the CIP training videos that now are available for free on the AIIM site. (Self-promotion alert: stay tuned for a classroom offering soon!) It also is why I am more enthusiastic about the Conference than I have been for a long time – it’s not that the sessions of recent years were bad, but there is a modernism and an energy in evidence to which my Spidey-sense hasn’t tingled since before the dot-com bust of the late 1990s.

The reason, I think, is that our “industry” – whatever it is – has finally turned the corner from being obsessed with the latest, shiniest technologies and is now starting to focus seriously on the uses to which those technologies are to be put. This is old news in Weissman’s World, but it seems that a particular chasm has been crossed, and the notion of “putting cool tools to work” is now gaining traction.

- Mobility, sure.

- Analytics, yes.

- Social, of course.

- Collaboration, for sure!

These are the current hot buttons, and while they are all familiar, they are now being discussed in an entirely new context that should drive the conference, the market, and the association forward for measureable years to come.

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