A Communications Consultant Who Always Asks “Why Not?”

By Steve Radick posted 04-07-2010 16:58


Before starting a new blog, I like to give my readers a sense of who’s doing the writing and who they’ll be engaging with, and this blog is no different. So who am I? If you’re interested in the “official” version, check out my bio and resume over on my blog at Since you can read that there, I thought I’d give you a little bit more detailed information here, especially as it relates to Enterprise 2.0. In true social media fashion, here’s a little more about me in 140 character snippets:

  • My inspiration for Enterprise 2.0 occurred when I first started using the Intelligence Community’s internal wiki, Intellipedia
  • I was one of the first community managers for Booz Allen’s implementation of, a behind-the-firewall Enterprise 2.0 platform
  • It’s not about the technology, but what the technology enables
  • Telling me that I can’t do something without explaining why not is a sure-fire way to get me to try to do it anyway
  • I don’t maintain personal and professional personas – I’m Steve Radick whether you meet me at a meeting or at a bar
  • I never cared for the seemingly arbitrary way power was distributed on an org chart – I think that’s one reason I like Enterprise 2.0
  • Transparency behind the firewall has allowed me to sidestep many of the political in-fighting that occurs when starting something new
  • If I’m a successful social media consultant, there will be no need for me in a few years because it will just be something people do
  • Successful social media initiatives are driven by the person, not the position
  • I enjoy sitting down and talking with people just to get new ideas, not because I’m making a sale or because I have to
  • Chris Brogan and Gary Vaynerchuk have been the inspiration behind much of my presentation and writing style
  • I only cry at sports movies – you try to watch Rudy or Field of Dreams without tearing up!
  • Want to know what really motivates me? When I see members of my team get promoted or win awards
  • I think everything makes much more sense if it’s boiled down into a sports analogy
  • Successful Enterprise 2.0 efforts are just as much about art as it is about science
  • I’m terrified that my clients will suddenly realize that being successful with social media is a lot easier than they make it out to be
  • Enterprise 2.0 has allowed me to become the “expert” on social media within my org despite not having a title or charter of any kind
  • In the last hour, I’ve listened to Jack Johnson, 2Pac, and Pearl Jam on my iPod
  • One of the best compliments I can get is for people to say that they love working with me

I could go on and on, but think you get the gist of it. I’m looking forward to engaging with many of you here, on Twitter, on my external blog, and in real-life. Thanks to AIIM for the opportunity to get involved here with all of you!

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