3 Basic Tenets of Capture

By Stephen Boals posted 11-30-2010 10:32


As I examine all the information I have assembled over the years, it seems there has always been three common themes when discussing capture from a sales or strategy perspective.  Below are the three areas of focus that are critical to any capture discussion, presentation or deployment strategy:

  1. Standardization

So what is one of the key benefits of the whole capture process?  How can it help an organization in organizing and presenting data and documents?  Standardization is the first key theme within capture.  Capture software can provide the means to standardize any scanning software process, and make it repeatable across the organization.  The ability to define rules on how index information and documents are placed in their end resting place is critical to success in any ECM project, and the long term viability of your document store.  Capture ensures "repeatability" in the overall scanning process.

2.  Efficiency

About seven years ago I developed a strategy on ECM that broke down the ECM system into key components:  hardware, capture, archive and search and retrieve.  Each component is critical to success of the overall deployment; some more than others.  Capture, I would argue, has always been the key component in any system for many reasons, but efficiency has been a very big selling point in today's environment.  Capture is the critical link between hardware and the archive;  enhancing features, providing automation, and truly enabling an efficient scanning process.  Companies today are focusing on efficiency and automation within their business processes, and trying to do more with less is the standard theme in all types of organizations.   Handling more paper without adding headcount, or having the scanning and capture process take an hour instead of three, will enable growth without the investment of additional hours or expense.  Capture is where efficiency can be gleaned.

3.  Flexibility

It has long been a trend in the ECM market place that no single product could do everything.  You needed one application for your production scanning, one to process and capture your inbound fax, one to work with your MFPs/copiers, and separate applications for image processing, OCR and anything else you wanted to accomplish.  The diverse nature of organizations today require the utmost in flexibility from their document capture platform.  Support for all hardware types, as well as support for multiple back-end repositories is an absolute requirement.  The “duct tape and bailing wire” solution just doesn’t cut it from a cost, management or support perspective.  Frankenstein Capture is out!!





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