Content Strategy for Healthcare (Webinar Oct 3)

By Sharon Foley posted 10-02-2012 09:54


Earley & Associates is hosting a webinar on Content Strategy for Healthcare organizations on Wednesday October 3rd at 1:00PM Eastern.  Go here to register:


Here’s a brief summary of the webinar.


Title: Content Strategy for Healthcare

Date/Time: October 3rd at 1:00PM Eastern


An effective content strategy is part of an overall approach that can improve the quality of patient care and reduce provider risk.  The session will start with an overview of developing a content strategy that will inspire confidence in patients and families.  Speaker:  Ahava Leibtag, President , Aha Media Group, LLC


Following this Seth Earley will lead a panel discussion with Ahava Leibtag, Trisha Torrey (Every Patient’s Advocate) and Dr. Joe Leonard (Risk Management expert and board member of PLICO, a physician owned medical professional liability insurance  company).  They will discuss how patient communication and engagement approaches can positively impact these areas and ultimately reduce costs.


Learn more and/or register here:

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