Why Records Managers Need to Care About Content Management

By Sharon Foley posted 10-20-2011 15:02


Two part webinar series on the convergence of records and content management.

Session 1:  Aligning Records Management and Content Management for Enterprise Efficiency

  • Date & Time:  November 9, 2011 @ 1:00PM Eastern Time

Session 2: Records Management on the SharePoint 2010 CM platform

  • Date & Time:  December 7, 2010 @ 1:00PM ET


Over the last decade, records management (RM) has become more and more a matter of digital archiving.  At the same time, many organizations are archiving an increasing  number of content types in order to address growing regulatory and legal demands.   It has also become necessary to make archived documents more findable in terms of subject matter and relevance to specific queries.

As a result, records managers and content managers are converging on a similar set of approaches.   This creates an opportunity to gain efficiencies in the handling of digital content by creating synergy between RM and CM organizations, solutions and business processes.

In the first session we'll address

  • an approach for integrating RM and CM into a common document lifecycle strategy
  • building out authoring and publishing processes that simultaneously meet CM and RM objectives.
  • how, through business process mapping, diligent information protection, preservation and disposal, organizations are on the cusp of having the requisite toolset to effectively manage their information -- thereby leading to reduced costs, exposure and effort required to be best positioned for e-Discovery activities.

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In the second session we walk you through the key elements of a Records Management practice in your organization and how these elements can be mapped effectively to the features available within SharePoint Server 2010.

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